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Welcome to Chemistry


Howdy! My name is Maggie Hunter and I am one of the chemistry teachers at WHS! I graduated from Stephen F Austin in 2018 with my B.S. in Chemistry and a minor in secondary education. I have a love for science and my goal is to pass that love on to the students in my classroom. 


That is not always an easy task because chemistry is not an easy science, it involves types of thinking our kids have never experienced and cannot simply be memorized for a test and forgotten. I am here to help though, through the tough days and confusing practice problems I want to see our students flourish in the central science, that is chemistry! 


I also hope to help your student develop knowledge of the world at microscopic level as well as understand how the microscopic effects our world at the macroscopic level. By the end of the year students will understand the role science plays in the world today as well as get firsthand experience working in a lab setting and will work in teams to solve environmental problems.