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Welcome to Whitehouse High School

New/Transfer Student Enrollment

Please visit the link below for more information regarding enrollment/registration:
     New Student Online Enrollment Information


When registering, please have the following items organized and ready to upload:

> 2 Forms of Proof of Residency (Mandatory)                                                                          

      If you are leasing - a copy of the lease including children's names                                                        
        AS WELL AS a current utility bill (gas, water or electric).                                                            

      If you own the residence - a copy of the property tax statement
           AS WELL AS a current utility bill (gas, water or electric).                                                        

 > Driver's license or photo ID of enrolling parent/guardian
 > Enrolling Student’s Documents
  *Birth Certificate
  *Social Security Card
  *Immunization Record (mandatory for out of state transfer students to begin)
  *Withdrawal Form 
  *Last Report Card (or Current Student Schedule from previous school)
  *Any Special Education, 504 or ESL/LEP Records





(Including transcripts, shot records and other educational records)

Click this link:  Online Student Document Request Form


Please Note:
* A Student who is 18 years old should be the one to request documents. 
* Please allow at least 4 business days to complete your request. 
* Please be prepared to provide student's name, date of birth, and last four digits of their social security number.
* Photo ID is required in order to pick up any student documents. 





Student Withdrawal

Need to withdraw or transfer your student?                                                                                      

Please contact the Registrar.


These are the forms we will need in order to properly withdraw your student:

Withdraw Form

Home School Form




Outside Agencies
Education/Graduation Verification

All Legal or Corporate entities requesting graduation verification or other records

please FAX your request WITH the release form to  903.839.5530

all requests will be processed in the order in which they were received.